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TheoryCraft-o-Matic Lite

This is a very basic tool for examining and comparing Mage damage spells. It is not intended to calculate rotations or overall DPS, nor is it intended to calculate how much damage Spell W will do against Target With Crazy Debuff X and Expected Uptime Y on Trinket Z. It's basically intended to calculate something like tooltip damage.

Ratings conversions are not supported, nor will they be; doing so would require supporting a list of secondary stat buffs and debuffs, and I'd like to keep the filters simple (this is, after all, "Lite"). Enter Crit, Haste, and Mastery as numeric values; e.g.:

Crit: 20.00 = 20% crit chance.
Haste: 15.00 = 15% haste.
Mastery: 10.00 = 10 mastery.

The tool will calculate necessary adjustments such as adding crit chance due to Critical Mass or Shatter. Mastery will only be available if you have selected a spec, and if you select Arcane spec, you will also need to enter a mana percentage to use for the Mastery calculations.

Note: Combustion support is extremely preliminary and will never be more than an estimate. It's based on the value of the Pyroblast DOT, plus the combined Ignite tick values of a Fireball and a Pyroblast.

To report bugs, please send me a private message.