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TheoryCraft-o-Matic Lite Updated for 5.4

Saturday, September 28 2013 at 9:30am CDT

The TheoryCraft-o-Matic Lite has been updated with 5.4 spell data. Frost spells that generate Icicles are now listed twice, once with their direct damage, and once with the total damage they generate, including Icicle. Fire spells that generate Ignite are now listed the same way, rather than simply rolling the Ignite damage into the total. Please let me know if you spot any problems!


Submitted by cinibas on

Sorry for the late post.  I was doing some napkin math today pertaining to frost mastery and remembered your calculator.  I came here to check my numbers and they are way different.

It looks to me like your spell+icicle calculations are double dipping mastery.

For me my average frostbolt is 100618, i raid buff to 73.01 mastery.

So, my frostbolt+icicle should be 100618 + .7301(100618) or 174079

Your page has that value at 247542 which looks like 100618 + 2(.7301)(100618).  Thats the closest way i could get the numbers to match.. maybe there is a rounding or truncation you are using that I am not to make up for the few points difference?

Frostfire bolt is doing the same thing.

Lastly, is there a chance for an extra column for frostbolt and frostfire bolt that is Spell + glyphed icicles?  So it calculates the extra damage from 2 target icicle damage.

Something like ffb + (glyphed) icicle = ffb + (mastery)(ffb) + .5(mastery)ffb