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The State of the Sim

Saturday, July 14 2012 at 7:00pm CDT

Thanks to everyone (there were many of you, some on the forums, some here, some via email) who helped improve the simulation profiles. No sim results can ever be considered "final," of course, but between profile improvements and bug fixes to the sim itself, I think we can say we're zeroing it in pretty nicely. And so I wanted to show you where the Mage simulation numbers stand at present.

Top build for each spec, with stat values
Twenty-seven combinations of spec, L75 talent, and L90 talent

I'll note that just about every time we find and fix a bug in the sim, the gaps between various combinations decrease. This is not merely an amazing, but a downright beautiful result from the developers' efforts.

The next thing, I think, is to focus on improving the performance of the combinations at the bottom of the second report. I'm sure there are smarter ways to play Arcane with Incanter's Ward, but I haven't had a chance to look at them closely yet. Please provide your feedback on methods of improving any of the profiles here!

I'd also like to thank all the SimulationCraft developers who have helped by either fixing things, or by answering my fool questions while I bumbled around trying to fix them myself. You guys are awesome.


Submitted by Marduk on

Just a quick note:

In the Top 3 you are using the line arcane_blast,if=talent.rune_of_power.enabled&mana.pct>92 for the arcane profile whereas in the spec combinations you are not. This is also true for the results listed in the beta forums. The profiles in the beta forums are also missing the line. To avoid confusion it should be either with or without.

Submitted by Max Rebo on

Wow!  Those initial SimC results for all specs and combinations are scary-close, with the top talent combo for each of the three specs only comprising a 1000 dps spread.  That's well within the margin of human error and seems to make all specs roughly equal in terms of output.

Submitted by Lhivera on

Found a very significant bug last night -- Frozen Orb was being treated as a channeled spell, preventing Frost from taking any action for ten seconds out of every minute. Correcting it has obviously made Frost's DPS shoot way up. We know Blizzard is not seeing a big difference between the specs in their internal sims, so there's something wrong -- either we're modeling Frost too high, or Arcane and Fire too low, or some combination.

Submitted by Citizenpete on

Hey Lhiv,

Simcraft is using PoM Fireball over PoM Pyroblast, because actions+=/pyroblast is missing into the Fire profile

P.S. Moved the German [Magier] Simulation/Theorycrafting from beta to the Mage forums http://eu.battle.net/wow/de/forum/topic/4940047959 with way more feedback.                                    

Submitted by Citizenpete on

Hey Lhiv,

we have a very interesting discussion in the german theorycrafting thread going on and I would to ask you, if you could give me a hand with the following sequence (still don´t have a beta key myself)

The player Exodus  found out, that he could cast 4 instant pyros in a row by using PoM with hotstreak, Alter Time and a makro:

Sequence: PoM HS Pyro, instant Pyro, Alter Time, cancelaura, PoM Pyro, HS Pyro = very big Ignite - in theory


#showtooltip Presence of Mind/cast Presence of Mind/stopcasting/cast Alter Time/stopcasting/cast Pyroblast

Question: Is that a better benefit with 4 Pyros than gaining full 6 seconds with PoM Pyro and additional bloodlust buffs, trinket and entchanting proccs?

I never really mathed something out regarding fire spec (just love frost) and I´m really busy at the moment, so i would like to ask for your opinion and possible results.


We assume, we have 20.000 SP, 20% Crit, 15% Haste und 10 Mastery.

Looking forward to your answer,



Submitted by Lhivera on

The simulator profile is set up to try to do exactly that, plus try to get a Heating Up buff active as well -- if the first instant pyro you cast crits, you get another Hot Streak proc. That does seem to provide the best results; the direct damage of Pyroblast is higher than the DOT damage, so you're gaining more than you lose.

Submitted by HighFly on

Hi, Lhivera. Here some results of modeling 463 arcane mage with invocation and different bombs. I belive rotations could be optimized further and i think that simc calculations with FB are not correct according to my test on beta. But still results look pretty good.