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Readiness: It's Not Just for Hunters Anymore

Thursday, March 6 2014 at 5:45pm CST

As I discussed in Multistrike and You, two new secondary stats are being added in Warlords of Draenor. The second and somewhat simpler of these is Readiness. As always, anything may change between now and release.

The Basics

Readiness is basically Haste for cooldowns. Just as Haste reduces casting time, Readiness reduces cooldown time. The reduction is handled the same way, through division: 30% Haste divides cast times by 1.3, and 30% Readiness divides cooldown times by 1.3. We can already see this in effect with Frost Bomb's Haste-based cooldown reduction.

Different Specs, Different Cooldowns

Like Mastery, balancing the value of Readiness across specs will involve turning at least one, and likely two knobs. The first is the affected cooldowns. Not every cooldown will be reduced; those that are will be specified in tooltips. For example, Arcane may see reductions in the cooldowns of Arcane Power, Evocation and Mirror Image, while Frost sees a reduction in the cooldowns of Icy Veins and Frozen Orb.

The second is the use of a coefficient. Just as 600 Mastery Rating converts to 2% Icicle damage and 1.5% Ignite damage, we will likely find that a given amount of Readiness Rating converts to, for example, a 2% reduction in cooldown time for one spec and a 1.5% reduction in cooldown time for another.

By combining these two variables, the devs intend to make the value of Readiness reasonably similar for every spec.


So let's imagine the Arcane and Frost examples I gave above, with each spec having 30% Readiness. We would see cooldown reductions as follows (assuming the existing base cooldowns did not change):


  • Arcane Power: 90 / 1.3 = 69.23, a reduction of about 21 seconds for a cooldown of about 1:09.
  • Evocation: 120 / 1.3 = 92.31, a reduction of about 28 seconds for a cooldown of about 1:32.
  • Mirror Image: 180 / 1.3 = 138.46, a reduction of about 42 seconds for a cooldown of about 2:18.


  • Icy Veins:  180 / 1.3 = 138.46, a reduction of about 42 seconds for a cooldown of about 2:18.
  • Frozen Orb: 60 / 1.3 = 46.15, a reduction of about 14 seconds for a cooldown of about 0:46.

There really isn't much to it. It's simple, but it offers clearly different playstyle effects than the other secondary stats. A player who focused on Haste and Multistrike would have a pretty different experience from a player who focused on Crit and Readiness.

Have any questions? Feel free to comment!


Submitted by Steehl on

I feel like Readiness will be a great stat for some specs and mediocre for others. In MoP, I fled my long time home of mage-dom to take up the shadowy arts as a shadow priest. Shadow is one of the specs that I think, without a significant change to current talents, will see little benefit from Readiness. What does shadow even have for cooldowns right now? It's pretty much just Mind Blast and Shadowfiend (and during execute, Shadow Word: Death). Mind Blast already has a talent in Divine Insight that resets its CD. The Mindbender talent already reduces Shadowfiend's CD, so Readiness may make or break this talent should it be effected by Readiness. If Readiness impacted Shadow Word: Death, it could be interesting, but could have negative impact on our damage distribution, resulting in a warrior-type situation where our damage is scaled entirely based off our increased execute damage. 

I already know Shadow will be receiving changes, particularly in our Mastery as it's basically a watered down version of Multistrike. I'm probably getting ahead of myself in regards to current spells and talents in relation to Readiness, as I'm sure the devs have been looking at all the specs in regards to Readiness longer than I have (which has only been since the SoO trinkets were announced, prior to the caster Readiness trinket being sacked).

Outside of my own spec worries, I'm really excited about what Readiness will mean for other specs! CD management will definitely be more of a "thing" with Readiness in terms of boss mechanics, as it'll often be better to save certain CDs for certain mechanics. This new secondary alone will replace the skillcap that we're all losing with snapshotting.

Submitted by Mumrit on

Probably my favorite of the new stats they announced. On the one hand we'll be losing the ability for raid leaders to predict cool down up time for their DPS, but on the other hand it'll create the opportunity for players to 'decide' on their own whether or not to use cool downs or wait a bit, rather than having a raid leader make the decision for them.