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Lost Weekend

Monday, April 16 2012 at 7:19am CDT
Bring it, Darkspawn

I got stuck behind a bugged quest NPC on the beta server this weekend, and decided to take a little break and return to my slightly obsessive Dragon Age project. Having played through Origins a few times, and DA2 about twice as many times, I decided I wasn't perfectly satisfied with the full timelines I had established. I then deleted all my characters from both games and started work on four new Origins characters to get the right combination of events and character flags I wanted set going into DA2.

For example, I wanted Origins Lhivera to burn Amaranthine to the ground, so that a single NPC in DA2 would tell my Champion what a badass she is. I wanted a Dalish Warden who had slept with Isabela so that she and Merill would have something extra to talk about. I wanted a Warden to go through the eluvian with Morrigan simply because Morrigan is awesome and it makes me feel good knowing that flag is set. That sort of thing.

Like I said, just a little obsessive.

ArboretumI did hit 86 on Lhivera in beta. Nothing much changes at 86, but the questing so far has been pretty fun. It helps that the zones are chock-full of eye candy. It's also easier to take off on a tangent or go do something completely different if you're weary of a particular quest chain for whatever reason. The one thing I'd like to see is more short-term phasing; there are some quests where you only have to hit a target once to get credit, and those are easy to do but pretty unsatisfying, and then there are quests where you have to be grouped or get the kill yourself, the old-fashioned way, and the only way to tell them apart is by whether there's a line of players standing around waiting to take their turn on the next spawn. I'd much rather get my own phased NPC to complete those quests, and return to normal phase when I'm done. As there aren't any quest mobs anymore designed to require more than one player to kill them, this shouldn't cause anyone any issues with questing.

I'm looking forward to the next patch. Some class design stuff is clearly in a state of transition, and I'm curious to see how things proceed as development continues. I'll hopefully have some more interesting stuff to talk about soon.


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Submitted by Max Rebo on

... Are there currently many quests available outside the general "crash site" vicinity in Pandaria?  If there are, then maybe I'm just not looking in the right place.  Granted, it's early beta and all...  Maybe I need more coffee.  I do know that we're currently restricted to the eastern portion of the continent (can't recall the name).  Maybe I just don't have it in me to rerun the same single beta heroic dungeon countless times.

Submitted by Max Rebo on

Those areas would be Hellscream's Hope crash site, Fort Grookin (I think), and a couple of quests in the Arboretum area.  Other than that, I'm coming up empty.

Submitted by Lhivera on

I'm enabling (for now, unless it results in bad things from bad posters) the ability to edit your own comments.

I have not hit the Horde side quests. The Alliance side quests definitely extend past what you've seen, and there were breadcrumbs leading me around to find them. From the shipwreck site I was led to a Jinyu village, and I would presume that's what you want to be looking for, except for Horde it's probably a Hozen community of some kind.