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Error Regarding Glyph of Fire Blast Corrected

Tuesday, April 10 2012 at 6:48am CDT

The day after publishing my final installment of the AOE post series, I was informed by a developer that Glyph of Fire Blast is not intended to spread Living Bomb to more than the usual limit of three targets. I have since corrected and updated the posts to reflect this fact.


Submitted by Max Rebo on

Spreadability to only 3 targets isn't worth a major glyph slot.  I think it would be better to forgo Glyph of Fire Blast for something frost-oriented.  Even if Living Bomb could spread to 10 targets, it would feel odd having to use fire glyphs for a frost spec.  Not that it's necessarily bad, but I'm in your camp.  A frost mage relying on major fire spells for AoE goes against the theme of the spec.

I'm actually glad that the intended cap is 3 targets.  Looking at your numbers for Frost Bomb gave me faith in frost AoE once again.

Submitted by Aowyn on

I doubt it will be worth a glyph, seeing how some glyphs already look a important choice for Arcane and Frost. Fire may not feel a difference, Combustion and Evocation are the only other options for PvE that look promising, but PvP should then ignore this glyph in preference to Deep Freeze, Frost Nova or whatever comes to be important.

According to a mage in the foruns, Fire mages are facing problems with melee train, so picking Frost Nova might become a important pvp choice; Fire also has less snares than Arcane and Frost.

It may gain value as the mage gets haste, since Living Bomb is at the 1.0s limit already. Still, haste seems to benefit the other bombs more than Living due to tick and reduced cooldown, the mage may end choosing another option instead.

I wish this glyph also removed the global cooldown from Fire/Inferno Blast. It would give it an interesting gameplay.

Submitted by Aowyn on

PS: by problem with melee train, I mean in beta, not in Live. Just clarifying.