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About Lhivera’s Library

The Author

My name is Bill, and this is my game-oriented blog. As a Mac user, my game selection is somewhat limited, and I stubbornly refuse to pay people to not make games for me, so I'm not interested in dual-booting Windows to expand my selection. Mostly I play World of Warcraft, which I've been playing since three months after release, with a hefty dose of the Dragon Age titles thrown in. I anticipate enjoying Diablo III upon its release.

About a year after WoW was released, I got interested in the mechanics behind the game and became, for the time, a fairly prominent Mage theorycrafter. I developed the first Mage-specific online theorycrafting tool, the TheoryCraft-o-Matic. Back then, calculating the average damage of a rotation cycle was considered a pretty good way to do theorycrafting, and that's what the TCoM did; since then, it and similar tools have been thoroughly supplanted by the much more sophisticated SimulationCraft, to which I occasionally contribute.

In mid-Vanilla WoW, I joined Aggramar’s top raiding guild, Order of the Raven, and remained a member until the release of Wrath of the Lich King. From Ahn’Qiraj through the Black Temple, I participated in a little over half of the server-first kills on Aggramar. With the introduction of Sunwell, it was no longer practical to raid as a Frost Mage; for that and other personal reasons, I retired from progression raiding and have been playing very casually ever since.

With the beginning of the Mists of Pandaria beta, I found myself wanting to write more than was practical on the forums, so I fired up this blog.

To me, the most important thing in a game like WoW is remaining true to your character concept, whether or not you’re engaging in "in-character" role-playing on an RP realm. I would much prefer to take a team of people specced according to character concept into a raid and take the extra time to work out strategies and improve gear to meet the challenges rather than having the raid members respec to minimize those challenges. I simply don't understand the people who treat characters in an RPG like reconfigurable weapons platforms; to me, that misses the whole point of the genre.

The Character

Lhivera originated as a Cold-specialized Sorceress in Diablo II, and I carried the concept over to a Mage in WoW. Outside of experimentation on beta and test realms, Lhivera has never been specced anything other than Frost; her name is derived from "l’hiver," French for "the winter." I have also recreated her character in City of Heroes and Dragon Age: Origins.

I am also partial to the Hunter and Warlock classes, though my understanding of their mechanics is relatively obsolete.